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"To call this stylishly designed bundle a backpack doesn’t conjure the necessary image that you need to fully appreciate it. In fact other, lesser manufacturers that sell a product called a backpack have no way to compete with the Jedi Mind Trix."
"The Kampus laptop bags are versatile, roomy and good looking! Think of a camping style backpack with a dedicated laptop section, and that’s the Kampus – great for the college student, gamers and DJs"
"There is only one word for this backpack, and that word is: awesome. It is completely customizable - SLAPPA has made that dream back pack."
"fit all the stuff you want, comfortable shoulder straps, a “quick scan” peripheral section so you don’t need to be hassled at the airport - a safe haven for all your important gear and with all that comfort and space this bag offers the price tag really is worth it."
"it is pretty ridiculous how much i was able to fit in this backpack not only was i able to have my 15" laptop and power cord but i also fit inside my Xbox 360, 2 controllers , all the cables that come along with it, a few games in their cases, my iPad, it’s power cord, DSLR camera, a mouse, headset, batteries, note pad, pens, pencils some random cables - I highly recommend this backpack."
"this backpack is an impressive piece of work. It is attractive and classy-looking without being overstated, and the quality of materials and workmanship appear to be first rate. I’ve not encountered anything quite like it. If you need a computer backpack that can comfortably swallow a 15-inch or 17-inch notebook along with a lot of other gear, this is one you should really have on your short list."
"very well built and well thought out travel case....if you want a piece of rolling luggage that is also designed to hold your notebook and a bunch of accessories, then this bag makes perfect sense. "
" Build quality is top notch with finishing touches inside and out that give the case a very polished look. It's a rugged laptop case that offers great protection to the contents strapped safely inside. This case held up very well against one full minute of intense fire (our fire test)"
"From the ultimate-level of personalization, premium materials, high build-quality, and overall amount of storage capabilities, the Slappa M.A.S.K. has already become a favorite. Overall, we are ecstatic about this backpack, and every detail has been put into it. It's another highly recommended product from Slappa, and we believe, well worth every penny!."
"Obvious attention to detail, the build quality, the interlocking page system, and the looks of Slappa's Hardbody Black Wave design, in all the honesty I can muster, have me more excited then I ever thought I can be as something as "routine@quot; as a DVD case."
" I’ve had a lot of backpacks over the years but this one tops them all. SLAPPA touts this as the ultimate “laptop+gear” backpack, and I think they’re right."
"We loaded up this backpack with an iPod Touch, MacBook Pro laptop, USB thumb drives, pens, notebooks, Bible, DSLR camera, portable hard drive, 250 business cards, water bottle and a full complement of power supplies - it weighed well over 25 pounds. The padded shoulder straps relieved much of the strain - It's a comfortable backpack that is easy to lift and take with us on the road."
"The SLAPPA M.A.S.K. backpack system is hands down the nicest notebook backpack I've ever used. The sheer storage space and number of pockets available make it an attractive solution for anyone looking to move a lot of gear, from photographers with an extensive array of lenses for their camera to DJs who have to bring along just one more mixer."
"the bag hasn’t exactly been treated with tender loving care. And yet, despite being jammed to capacity (and beyond) and dragged through airport security more times than I’d care to count, it still looks brand new"
" With everything that is out there on the market for laptop protection , you almost can’t beat SLAPPA laptop sleeves."
" I love this sleeve. I love how my netbook looks in it. I love the extra-thick padding on the inside - Slappa knows that a well padded sleeve can make all the difference in protecting your netbook or laptop."
"we highly recommend Slappa's Hardbody cases for your CD, DVD, or Video Game collections!"
"When you've been around DJ products as long as I have and gone to the DJ Expo's and talked to product experts eventually it all runs together so it's nice to see products made for DJ's by a company that "gets it" "
" Slappa cases look great, are well made and feature the best disc storage sleeves we’ve seen. If you’re serious about keeping your discs safe, pick up a Slappa"
"Slappa takes the stress out of traveling with your high end, high tech, high priced gadgets; "
" This bag is amazingly beautiful. I have to say it is probably the hottest bag I have ever personally owned. Overall the bag is great and we award it our 4 Star Kick Ass Award."
"the Slappa arsenal of CD cases are the best value on the market"